Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eliminating Poverty: The Seemingly Impossible Is Possible

This was done a year a half ago, the use of statistics is amazing to understand development. I hope his vision of poverty eliminating itself will hold true given the world as is today. Sadly, he knows the economic growth is key, and without it, poverty will remain.

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Jason Hansen said...


Economist and sword swallower? Wow! I didnt understand the chart with the pluses and minuses as economic development had no goal. This goes against other development models (i.e Rostow - 7 stages of development & Wallerstein - World Economic System).
Amazing lecture I am afraid I only understood about 40% of it. I think what he said about Africa being the biggest success story of the last 50 years given where they came from is really true. It is interesting that he believes that Sub Saharan Africa is functioning like Europe at the turn of the century. What I would like to see is if the levels of state to state and intrastate violence in Africa 1950 to the present and Europe 1840 to 1900 would be comparable. It just seems the levels of conflict at first glance in Europe werent destructive to the point they dismantle the infrastructure of society itself. It seems as if the African countries whom are plagued with violence, have basic societal structures and systems changed by conflict to the point where their actions create more misery. Europe went through the same things but with out global economic competitors so the stakes are alot higher for Africa. I am optimistic that if we can start looking at Africa in the way this economist does, it may help create new ways of analysis. Unlike my own gloom and doom eurocentric thoughts.

Bravo on the interesting post