Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watch It: Archer On FX At 10pm On Thursdays

What happens when you spoof the work antics of a James Bond like character, but make him more of a drunk, less of a moral character, and he has serious mommy issues? Well, you get Sterling Archer. He is the main character on the new FX series "Archer".

When you take the comedic talents of Aisha Tylor of Talk Soup, Chris Parnell of SNL and 30 rock, Jessica Walter of Arrested Development, and Judy Greer, you have something well worth watching.

Check it out, you can watch episodes here . It only started last week, so you can catch up in the time it takes to make a big sloppy dirty martini!

1 comment:

Jennifer and Austin said...

Funniest new show on television, hands down...Definitely a favorite in our house!