Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Moral Hypocracy

Newsflash: Mr. South Carolina truly falls for an Argentine beauty, and cheats on his wife. And Ms. Sarah Palin has a daughter that gets knocked up as an unmarried teenager. These things happen every day, and that is the fact of being human.

What the real problem is however, is that the social conservatives out there like to tell people how to live their life, and that these things that make people human, should not actually happen. Just say no! Remember that?

In fact, they want legislation to that end. For example - overturn roe v.wade or a war against drugs that costs 2billion a year when treatment would be a fraction and decriminalize a dark underworld or no legal marriage for gays - when most have never met a gay, or remove sex education despite the real facts that kids do actually have sex. Sorry about the run on, but the list goes on and on.....

This op ed chronicals the hypocracy well. I am entitled to call our Sarah Palin and Mr. South Carolina, not because of their faults but because they will legislate to say that I should have no faults. And that if I do, I should just suck it up, but when they do, it is just them being human.

Say what you will about liberals, but they generally stay out of your bedroom. They allow people to just be who they are, and do what they do, because behavior is not what we want it to be, but what we actually do.

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