Friday, March 27, 2009

Heart : Women Who Know How To Rock - HARD

Heart is playing at some casino this weekend and I am thinking of going. Just as Jefferson Airplane still rocks even if Jefferson Starship was the 80's incarnation, I still love Heart of the 70's.

Not only did they open the door for women to be in rock and roll in a serious way, they just ROCK - HARD. That voice and those riffs. And while they may not be the same pretty package - Ann's voice remains just as good today (check out you tube for heart), which was always the important part. Barracuda is one of the best songs ever recorded.

Also, not sure if you know that Nancy Wilson is married to Cameron Crowe and wrote all the songs for Almost Famous, a great darn movie!

Here are some prime clips.....


Unknown said...

ah! you should totally go! barricuda was kinda ruined by sarah palin for me ... seeing the clip rather reclaimed it for me.

Strath said...

Remind me to tell you a really insane story about Heart when you're in Seattle next.